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About Us

    Left Bank was founded by William Churchill in 2018. Inspired by a trip to the southern bank of the River Seine, in Paris France, also known as "The Left Bank," combined with the fact that the city of Lewiston is also located on the left bank of the Androscoggin River, Mr. Churchill thought Left Bank to be the perfect name for his new solo practice. Before long what had begun as a single clinician's office has since grown into a fully licensed Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Center by the state of Maine offering individual and group counseling service as well as Mental Health Medication Management and Substance Use Disorder Medication Assisted Treatment services.


What does “holistic” mean? 


Good Question!


A holistic approach in mental health and substance use treatment services strives to treat the whole person rather than just their symptoms by taking into account mental health, physical health and social factors.


Or, as fictional holistic detective Dirk Gently describes it; a holistic approach is about “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.”

~ Douglas Adams ~



Left Bank Recovery Services LLC Strives to: ​

  • Left Bank's Mission is to provide outpatient services in a safe, dignifying, and respectful environment, from a trauma aware perspective based on best practices.

  • Identify and address individual’s mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs and provide them with the educational tools to maintain abstinence from impacting mental health symptoms and/or relapse of illicit substance use

  • Encourage, promote and strengthen individual’s overall health and well-being

  • Encourage, promote and strengthen relationships for individuals as well as their affected others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)

  • Provide open and understanding treatment to all regardless of religious, ethnic, sexual or gender identity and cultural backgrounds

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